Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Masih Ada - Dian PP dan Deddy Dhukun

This song back to 80s was soo legendary. It was very very popular, some had covered this song like Warna the vocal group in 1999. They actually the pioneer of Pop Kreatif mainstream,..in between the melancholly Pop that became a trend in 1985-1990. Melancholly pop maestro was Obbie Messakh, Pance Pondaag, and Rinto Harahap. Finally they brought this new wave of pop, said it is totally different than melancholly,.which is people said was corny or kampungan,..and this is soo modern. This also my favorite song,..although that time I was in third grade of elementary school,..but I know this song very very well until now.

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